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MLS Expansion cont’d

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More articles about MLS expansion city hopefuls as Phoenix Rising FC and several other groups compete to join the league. Phoenix Rising FC will be in the group looking to be picked..

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  • Here’s the rub for the Phoenix bid. MLS is currently on track to expand to 28 teams, although most folks expect that there will be another round of growth to 32, but that’s for another time.

    As of the 2018 season, the Western Conference has 12 teams and the East has 11. FC Cincinnati will begin play in 2019 and is expected to join the East as will Miami in 2020 or 2021. That would put 13 clubs in the East. Nashville also joins in 2010 or 2021 which you would expect to join the East, bringing the count to 14.

    That brings up balancing the league to 14, meaning another two teams to the West and Phoenix’s hopes for selection. Enter the fiasco in Columbus. When Precourt bought the Ohio franchise license, he had a proviso that enabled him to move the club to Austin which naturally would be in the West. So instead of MLS adding two teams to the West, one would be added to each conference. And even though a new group has bought Columbus and will keep it in place, word is that Precourt is promised a franchise in Austin, leaving only one expansion place to be added. While that would be a West based team, Sacramento is acknowledged as the leading city for that place, and a strong San Diego bid would be competing with Phoenix. It seems Phoenix may have to wait for the expected next round of expansion.

    Although Austin appears to be a done deal, I simply don’t understand why MLS would think that Austin is a strong candidate city. Below are the attendance numbers for the two existing Texas clubs.

       Dallas Houston
       Teams  AVG Rank  AVGRank
     2010  16  162,229  10,815  14  259,645  17,310  6 
     2011  18  218,636  12,861  16  300,796  17,694  9 
     2012  19  240,368  14,139  15  356,086  20,946  4 
     2013  19  261,346  15,373  14  338,690  19,923  6 
     2014  19  285,880  16,816  13  341,994  20,117  7 
     2015  20  277,572  16,328  18  353,294  20,782  8 
     2016  20  239,601  14,094  20  323,361  19,021  14 
     2017  22  257,077  15,122  20  297,507  17,500  17 
     2018  23  263,707  15,512  20  287,408  16,906  17 

    MLS Expansion, FC Phoenix

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    I’ll be posting articles about MLS expansion city hopefuls as Phoenix Rising FC and eleven other groups compete to join the league.

  • Phoenix Rising FC Stadium Plan: Private Financing, Climate Controlled
  • MLS expansion: An in-depth look at the many bids for the league’s next four clubs

  • On another note, FC Phoenix, the first year NPSL team begain play at Riggs Stadium on the Mesa campus of Maricopa Community College.

    Phoenix Rising FC to MLS?

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    I would be remiss if I didn’t post what you already know.

    The boys from Phoenix Rising FC have thrown that hat into the ring to be one of the next 2 MLS expansion teams, to be announced later in 2017.

  • MLS invites Phoenix group to make expansion application