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USL and D2

// December 5th, 2016 // No Comments » // Pro Soccer in Phoenix, USL

    With all the chatter going on about the fate of NASL and USL’s petition to become the 2nd division, here are some thiings that need to be known. Below are some of the most important guidelines set by USSF in 2010 for a league to attain and maintain D2 status.
  • Must start with a minimum of eight teams and have 12 by its sixth season.
  • Three-quarters of its teams must play in metro areas of at least 750,000 people
  • They all have to be in stadiums seating at least 5,000 fans
  • Each club’s principal owner must have a net worth of $20 million.
MLSPR shirt
    Phoenix Rising FC certainly meets #2 and #3(with the announcement of their new facility’s plans). As to #4, that’s something I don’t know. Here is a link to the page with Phoenix Rising FC’s ownership. Phoenix Rising FC Staff and Ownership Page
    As for the rest of the teams in USL, Brian Straus’ article has this report…“U.S. Soccer has been auditing USL clubs this year to ensure they comply, and sources tell that the league is confident that meeting a sufficient number of D2 standards isn’t an issue.”. The article is worth a read about the current drama playing out over D2.